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O Nama

A few words about us

Data Science Serbia ties its beginnings to September 2015 and the initiative of several Data Science enthusiasts. On the foundations of the blog Hadoop Serbia, which has been successfully run by Darko Marjanović, and on the domain which, for reasons known only to him, was registered by Branko Kovač, the website, you are currently on, was created. The meetup group, dedicated to artificial intelligence and machine learning, launched by Zoran Ševarac, has also become an integral part of the Data Science Serbia communication channels.

Today, Data Science Serbia is an organization that brings together companies and individuals who work or want to work with data. We understand the use of data holistically, from architecture, engineering, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, through regulatory frameworks, ethics, privacy and security, to the way we interpret information, make business decisions and influence the economy and society. 

Big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, open data, NLP as well as new trends like quantum computing are just some of the areas we follow and talk about.

We advocate Data Science as a nationally important area of ​​specialization in Serbia.


We want Serbia as globally recognized for the development of the Data Science and AI profession and its Data & AI experts, to be a country where business and the economy rely on data-based knowledge to grow, develop and create added value.


We encourage the development of Data Science and AI in Serbia and create conditions for the development of experts who practically apply their knowledge for the benefit of the economy and society.


Management Board

Advisory board